How to Afford a Vacation When Money is Tight

It does not matter if you love your job; at one point or another, you are going to need a break. This means that at some point during the year, you will require a vacation. Holidays are supposed to be fun, but the stress of attempting to be able to afford your vacation can take a toll. Everyone is facing financial setbacks at this time, and, as such, are forced to make certain concessions. Thankfully, however, this does not have to mean forfeiting your holiday. With a little bit of effort and some careful planning, you should be able to enjoy that vacation that you have been looking forward to. Here are some ways that you can make this happen:

1.      Cheap Destinations

While it might seem cheaper to travel within Canada, it can actually be a lot more expensive. This is particularly true if you are planning on flying to a destination within the country’s borders. According to research, it is actually cheaper for Canadians to fly to the neighbouring U.S. than to take a planned trip to one of the provinces. A roundtrip from Montreal to New York City will cost you about $300 if booked at the right moment. It would even be cheaper for you to fly from Montreal to Los Angeles than flying to Winnipeg. This is why it is a good idea to take a look at some of the cheaper destinations that you can visit. Remember, this does not just mean travel expenses but also includes accommodation, food, and the cost of activities.

2.      Travel During Off Season

Several destinations enjoy peak seasons. These are the times during the year with the highest number of tourists. This is either due to ideal climate conditions or the presence of an important event or festival. During these months, travel and accommodation typically skyrocket in price. In addition, you have to deal with crowded streets and popular spots. This is why travelling at a less preferred time can get you excellent deals as well as allow you a quieter vacation. There are also certain disadvantages that you may have to contend with. For instance, the weather could be quite miserable during off season. Thus, you have to do research about what to expect, as you may have to tolerate extreme weather conditions. You may also miss out on the chance to take part in famous activities or experience certain celebrations. Nonetheless, you should still be able to find plenty of things that you can do.

3.      Set a Budget

All of this research will have given you an idea of how much you are going to require per person. You should also expect to pay a little more as prices may change or there may be unexpected expenses. Regardless, you should be able to know how much your vacation is going to cost. This gives you a goal that you need to reach within a specific amount of time. This way, you know how much you will have to set aside each month.

Once this is done, you are going to have to take a look at your current monthly budget. Consider your income as well as your expenses. You should now decide what expenses you are capable of cutting back on, at least until you have saved up enough for your vacation.

4.      Create an Account

The best way to make sure that you save enough money is to have someone else hold your vacation fund for you. This way, you can ensure that you will not spend it. This is why you should consider setting up a different account. Of course, you should make sure that you are able to withdraw what you need from this account to pay for your vacation. Once you have set it up, make sure that an automated transfer takes place each week or month. Have a certain amount deducted from your current month. This way, you will be able to accumulate money in your vacation fund over a period of time. You can also guarantee that you gather interest on the money that you are saving.

5.      Sell Your Possessions

You do not have to sell everything you own to contribute to your vacation fund. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to create an inventory of all of the things that you do not want anymore. Go through everything in your home and put aside everything you have not used in a year. You are unlikely to utilise them again. Now find a way to make some money with these items. You can sell them on an online platform such as eBay. You can also choose to have an old fashioned garage sale. You will be surprised how much you are able to make from this venture.

6.      Get Others to Contribute

If you are tired of dealing with birthday and Christmas presents that you do not want, inform your friends and relatives of an alternative. Instead of spending money on gifts, they can simply add money to your vacation fund. This way, you will be able to raise the money even faster. You can get your other family members in on the agreement as well.

7.      Last Minute Deals

There are several websites that offer you last minute vacation deals at stunningly low prices. Best of all, some of these sites actually provide you with package deals. This way, you will be able to cut down considerably on a variety of costs. To take advantage of this, sign up with these sites –,, and This way, you will be notified of when the prices get really low. Of course, you do have the advantage of perusing the websites and finding something to suit your budget. The only limitation with this option is that you typically have to adhere to specific dates. Thus, you may need to have a flexible schedule.

These are just some of the suggestions you can use to go on a vacation when you are on a budget. In addition to saving up and going to discount destinations, you should also find ways to make more money. By taking on part-time jobs or setting up a new business venture, you will be able to contribute even more to your holiday fund.

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  1. carrie

    Whenever money is tight I go camping! Really, what do you need to go camping; fill up the tank, get some groceries and hit the road. I do that every summer.


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