Travel Rewards Credit Cards for Canadians

Rewards credit cards are offered by finance companies, credit unions, online banks, and other establishments that offer financial services and products. There are many options for customers in Canada, offered by big banks such as the Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, the Royal Bank of Canada, and others. When shopping for rewards credit cards no annual fee options are also available.

The Scotiabank Rewards® VISA* Card, for instance, comes with an affordable interest rate and no annual fee. This card offers travel benefits, with points to be redeemed for cruises, hotel accommodation, airfare, and more. Bonus points are offered on eligible purchases, along with added benefits such as preferred pricing, insurance policies, and amenities.

The BMO World Elite MasterCard®* is an excellent choice for worry-free, comfortable, and affordable travel. Points can be redeemed for cruise and plane travel and hotel stays, and there are no markups. There are no seat restrictions. Customers earn 2 percent back when making card purchases. If you need an airline credit cards Canadian based airlines participate in generous rewards programs. One option is to apply through a credit union or bank of your choice.

The RBC WestJet World Elite MasterCard offers а generous welcome bonus and affordable interest rate. The annual fee is $99, and customers pay $49 annually for an additional card. Among the many benefits are air miles points and a round-trip companion flight offered annually. Customers can choose from different destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Cardholders benefit from no advance booking requirements and blackout dates. They are also offered premium services and beneficial perks such as guaranteed hotel reservations and travel insurance policies. Given the many options to earn travel points Canada based banks and international institutions are obviously in tight competition. There are rewards credit cards for fair credit as well as cards for customers with excellent and very good credit.

The Capital One Aspire Travel World MasterCard is one option for customers with household income of $100,000 or annual income of $60,000 and an excellent credit score. As a rule, the best reward cards are available to customers with spotless credit and high income, whether salaried income or business revenues. Capital One offers beneficial features and extras such as an anniversary and welcome bonus as well as complimentary cards free-of-charge.

American Express Gold Rewards is another product that offers holders the possibility to earn and multiply bonus points. The points can be redeemed toward merchandise from leading brands as well as different frequent traveler schemes, entertainment, gift cards, and a lot more. In addition to generous rewards, customers are offered access to ticket presales and major sporting and family events. It is difficult to name the best rewards Visa Canada card because customers have different needs and requirements. Some customers opt for an air miles card while others choose a rewards card. Travel rewards credit cards are intended for frequent travelers, whether going on vacation or on a business trip. It is important to check the credit limit, interest rate, penalty fees, transaction and foreign exchange rate fees, and the rewards credit cards balance before you apply. Customers with excellent credit are usually offered cards with a high limit and an attractive interest rate because they are considered creditworthy.

Rewards Credit Cards Comparison

There are different types of specialty cards for business and individual customers, offering air miles and bonus points. Travel rewards visa, for example, comes with a flexible points redemption schedule and package deals and discounts on vacation travel, accommodation, car rentals, and plane tickets. Customers can apply in person, online, and by phone. The CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite Card is another option for customers, with 15,000 complimentary bonus points and triple points at participating establishments such as Air Canada, Avis, Esso, and others. When it comes to rewards credit cards Canada based issuers offer plenty of options, including cards by American Express and VISA. American Express AeroplanPlus Gold, for instance, is a great choice if you are looking for a charge card with bonus points. The card offers additional points for shopping at participating retailers. The points can be redeemed for products, package deals, hotel stays, plane tickets, experiential rewards, and others. The MBNA Rewards World Elite MasterCard is yet another option with a great earnings potential. Customers are offered complimentary points with their first purchase and benefit from a fee waiver during the first year. The TD Rebate Rewards Visa* Card, which is offered by Toronto Dominion, is also a great choice for existing customers.


Rewards Credit Cards Application

The requirements vary from one issuer to another and depend on the benefits and extras offered. As a rule, customers with poor or compromised credit are offered secured cards. Applicants with a stable payment history are likely to get approved. Issuers look at different factors, including diversity and length of credit, as well as debt utilization rate, debt-to-credit ratio, assets, and others. Customers who apply for a card must be citizens or residents. Depending on the bank, they may be asked to submit their home, employment, and contact details. In any case, relationship banking is an important factor.

Air miles credit cards offer travel and air miles points and are suitable for frequent travelers, whether for leisure or business. There are different air miles credit cards options by unions, banks, online issuers, and other establishments. All big Canadian banks offer air miles programs and points that are redeemable for cash, merchandise, and airfare. Customers can choose from different items such as laptop bags, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and others. Air miles card offers vary, but there are attractive options with medical and travel protection, large credit limits, and hundreds of reward options. Issuers offer air miles that are redeemable for lounge use, airport parking, admission, and more. Speaking of air miles Canada based retailers partner with card issuers to offer merchandise such as watches, cameras, gold earrings, and other items.

Air Miles Credit Card Canada

Rewards points offered by air miles credit card issuers vary widely, from travel and plane tickets to accessories, personal care products, photography and electronics, and others. Many air miles travel cards offer points that are redeemable for wellness and spa, fitness, fashion accessories, and more. To offer the best credit card Canada based financial establishments partner with retailers, restaurants, airlines, travel agencies, and insurance companies. Customers have the option to choose from multiple brands and reward categories. To find the best travel credit card Canada residents compare rewards programs, promotions and offers, select retailers, and more. Air miles card offers bonus points to be redeemed for indulgences, entertainment, accommodation, and package vacations. Some issuers also offer travel certificates.


Air Miles Rewards

Air miles are redeemable for travel insurance, package cruises and vacations, flights, and more. Issuers offer air miles rewards travel cards and points that are redeemable for adventure travel, accommodation in beach resorts, and cruise deals. Partnering with resorts and hotels, issuers offer air miles dream rewards such as guided vacations and tours, holiday packages, and escorted tours to Asia, North America, and Europe.

BMO Air Miles Credit Card

The Bank of Montreal offers air miles cards such as the BMO Air Miles World MasterCard, World Elite MasterCard, and Air Miles MasterCard. All BMO credit card products go with a welcome bonus that ranges from 400 to 30,000 rewards points. Customers who opt for the Air miles MasterCard enjoy the fact that there is no annual fee. The World Elite MasterCard features BMO air miles and an attractive earn rate. Holders also get 2 percent back that goes toward travel. For example, customers who spend $10,000 in purchases receive $200 in the form of travel credit. The amount earned can be used for accommodation, travel, and other travel-related expenses. The BMO air miles MasterCard allows customers to earn points on all purchases. The World MasterCard features flight discounts and Eco-friendly rewards.

American Express Air Miles

AMEX offers an airmiles credit card with free additional cards, low introductory rate, and no annual fee. There is a welcome bonus with the first card purchase. Customers are also offered access to tickets for special and sought-after events and performances and benefit from reserved seating. The American Express Black Card is one option for Canadian customers and offers exclusive benefits such as access to elite clubs and airport clubs, flight upgrades, free companion tickets, and other extras. One of the main benefits is that the card has no preset limit. The Centurion Card, also known as the AMEX Black Card goes with an annual fee of $2,500. The initiation fee is $7,500. This is an invitation-only type of card that is offered by the American Express Bank and American Express Centurion Bank.

Аir Мiles Мastercard

Air miles MasterCard cards are offered by many brick-and-mortar and online banks and feature access to leisure and dining. Travel bonus points can be exchanged for different items, including blenders, coffee makers, furniture, and other merchandise. Branded cards that feature lucrative deals are ideal for frequent flyers and travelers. Some issuers also offer business air miles cards for client visits, business meetings, conferences, formal events, seminars, and other trips. Issuers often target small business owners and offer priority boarding, first-class upgrades, and other benefits.


  1. tammy

    I have the American Express Gold Rewards card, and I’m really happy with it, except that some merchants don’t take AMEX, but hey for that I have my MasterCard.

    1. blake_75

      Some merchants especially in Europe don’t accept AMEX. I recommend to have Visa or MasterCard handy when traveling outside of Canada.


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